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The basics of online bingo

Monday, November 30, 2020

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The great thing about online bingo is that everyone can play it. It’s an easy game to be involved in as there are very few rules, and the gameplay itself is incredibly simple. It’s also a lot of fun, and many people like to play because of the social element too, and even online this is possible thanks to the chat boxes that are around on each game or gaming site. But you don’t have to chat if you don’t want to, you can just play and enjoy yourself alone, which is another reason people might prefer online bingo to real life bingo.

Although the game is certainly one of chance, reading this guide to the basics of bingo is going to help you make the most out of your time when you can play online, and really enjoy the game in the best way possible - play today.

Get The Timing Right
Did you know some times of the day (and night) are better times to play bingo than others? Although this isn’t something that can be said for many casino games, the fact that bingo is reliant on a number of people all playing at the same time makes it different. 

If you want to have a better chance of winning, don’t play at the peak times when everyone else is going the same thing. These times tend to be pretty much all weekend, during the lunch time period (around 12pm to 2pm), and evenings once people have got home from work. Although the prizes will be bigger when there are more people playing, the chances of winning are much smaller. Play at off peak times with fewer people, and you stand more chance of winning even if the prizes are smaller.

Budget Wisely
A budget is absolutely essential when you are playing bingo; you are far more likely to lose than to win, and if you have a finite amount of money to play with, you won’t be so tempted to ‘chase your losses’ or try just one more time because you have a feeling this could be it… 

Stopping when you have used up all the money you initially set aside is the best course of action. Your budget should be money you can afford to lose, as you don’t want to get into financial difficulties just because of a game. If you do win, don’t count those winnings as part of your budget as you’ll lose them again pretty quickly. Instead, take them away with you and enjoy them another time. 

Compare Bingo Sites
Another useful piece of advice when it comes to playing bingo is to compare bingo sites before you start playing. There are hundreds – probably thousands – of different bingo sites specifically set up to let people play their favourite game, and more are appearing all the time. Some of these sites will be genuine and offer a great platform on which to play. Others will be much more problematic, possibly even fraudulent, and you need to know which ones to void. This is where research comes in useful. 

Once you have determined the safe sites, you’ll need to compare them to see which one you want to play on. Take a look at how user-friendly it is, what kinds of bingo they offer, and if there are any sign up bonuses.
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