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Things to do in a casino without spending money

Sunday, November 1, 2020

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Historically speaking gambling has always been about money and the quest to attain more, in fact this is pretty much at the crux of why people gamble in the first place. Because let’s be honest, if it were not for the tantalizing possibility of winning a huge amount of cash whilst gambling we are not sure people would be nearly as excited by gambling games such as poker, roulette or the slots. This is the main reason why the casino industry has brought in such an extreme amount of revenue over the years, because the games they offer inherently need gamblers to spend money on them in order to even play. And you say, “the house always wins”, meaning that these casinos never find it hard to acquire a huge amount of cash. Don’t believe us? Just consider the ludicrous size of some of the casino establishments that can be found in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo for example. 

There is no getting away from the fact that Slotzo VIP casino is inherently designed for money to be spent, however it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the casino experience without spending any money either. Whilst it is harder to do this in the smaller more localized casinos that you can find in small cities and towns, the super casinos in places such as Las Vegas make it incredibly easy to enjoy yourself without actually spending any real money on gambling. These places are absolutely massive, and filled with so much more than just gambling tables and slot machines. In fact, you would be shocked to hear about all the things that Las Vegas casino owners have ended up putting in their establishments – it boggles the mind! There are, therefore, a variety of things you can do in a casino without spending any real money. Read ahead to find out! 

Hit the casino bar 
What is something that people love to do even more than gambling? Why, drinking of course! If you haven’t quite got the budget for a gambling session, or simply don’t fancy spending your money on the practise, why not head to the casino bar for a drink? Generally speaking the bar area in many casinos looks absolutely fantastic, often better than a genuine standalone bar you could find somewhere else! 
Another great thing about going to the casino bar is that it is a nice place to meet fellow gambling aficionados – who knows, you could make a friendship here that will last a life time! 
casino bar

Observe other games in order to increase your gambling intelligence 
Something you can do absolutely free of charge which will certainly improve your gambling intelligence is simply to observe other gamblers (preferably good ones) play, and try to pick up as much a possible from this. 
Of course you have to be careful of the pit bosses, because this can easily look as though you are trying to cheat. Don’t worry though, it is a perfectly legal thing to do! 

Get a job at the casino 
There is one clear thing you can do in a casino without spending any money, and in actuality it will actually result in you gaining money rather than losing it. Plenty of casinos have regular job openings at their establishment, and working at one is a great way to keep yourself close to the gambling world without letting it effect your bank balance.
Working at a casino will also teach you lots of valuable lessons about a range of different gambling games, so when you finish your stint as an employee you will be much better poised to making some juicy gambling wins. 

Visit the casino spa 
Pretty much all super casinos will have a spa on their premises, and going to one is a fantastic way to relax. Gambling is a stressful business at the best of times, and a good old spa session can really help alleviate this. 
The other great thing about many casino spas is that they are completely free of charge if you are a casino guest, meaning that it becomes a great casino activity to do that costs you no money at all. 
casino spa

Eat at the buffet 
Some Las Vegas casinos have become critically acclaimed for their food options, with an extensive array of buffets that can be seriously tasty. If you do not have the money to gamble with, why not gorge on some tasty food instead? 
Just like with going to the casino bar, you can also meet a variety of interesting people at the buffet, make use of the opportunity! 

Watch a concert 
One thing that really summarises quite how rich some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas is the fact that they have concert halls inside which can hold tens of thousands of people. Isn’t that just absolutely outrageous? 
It means that going to a concert can be a great way to have fun at the casino without spending any money on gambling. The good thing too is the fact that these establishments regularly have massive global superstars like Calvin Harris pass through their doors to play shows – do you really want to miss out on that? 

Explore the rest of what the casino has to offer 
If you happen to be in one of the ludicrous super casinos that can be found in places like Las Vegas we would thoroughly recommend simply having a good old explore around the premises, because you will be fascinated at the amount of things these places offer for entertainment. 
Honestly it is a little ridiculous, with some casinos having whole zoos and rollercoaster rides for their guests to enjoy. 

Socialise and make new gambling friends 
By far the easiest thing to do in a casino without spending any money is socialising with your fellow gamblers. It really is a no brainer, and you could end up making friends for life. Moreover, once you have a group of friends you can all pool together on communal games like roulette, getting our gambling fix but without spending much money.

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