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Gameplay guide to Royal Seven XXL Slot

Friday, January 1, 2021

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One of the easiest games one could ever play aside from Royal Charm Slot. That is the best way of describing Royal Seven XXL to anyone looking to get involved with this game. If you are a fan of minimalist games, that doesn't require a great understanding of slot games, the Royal Seven XXL is for you! We understand that there are quite a lot of games out there right now that promise the same things as Royal Seven XXL. But none deliver like this fantastic title. 

Royal Seven XXL is a classic 5x4 online casino slot game with 20 pay lines. However, the pay lines in this slot are adjustable. In slots, the number seven is said to be incredibly lucky. This is probably why this slot takes that number and runs with it in terms of bonuses and whatnot. If you have ever played an old fruity in a pub or wherever then the likelihood of you finding a similar vibe in this slot is relatively high. 

If you wish to learn more about this slot, then we’d recommend you check out the rest of our review below. Yes, there isn’t a lot going on in terms of bonuses, but that isn’t to say that you can learn a few things before you start playing. Royal Seven XXL is a very fun slot from Bally Wulff, so you might want to see what we have to say! 

Expectation vs. Reality 

It’s hard not to judge a book by its cover when talking about Royal Seven XXL because what you see is basically what you get. This slot looks incredibly basic, and that is because it is, to be honest. The point of playing this sort of game is to get in and get out with some quick cash; simple really. 

Online slot purists should have already heard and played this slot. It aims to pay homage to a very significant time period within online slot gaming. The main reason you should be playing this game comes down to the accessibility of the game. This, coupled with the high RTP percentage, mean you have to play this casino game! 

About the Game 

In terms of appearances, Royal Seven XXL is nothing special. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it might be one of the ugliest games we’ve come across in recent years. Keep in mind that you’re playing for cash, so the look of the game shouldn’t really matter. Unless you can’t play a slot that doesn’t look the part. If this is so, you are pretty shallow. Therefore, you might want to play something else from the Bally Wulff catalogue. 

Everything you see on the reels pays homage to the slots of old. Various fruits line the reels in all sorts of crazy colours. Lemons, grapes, cherries, and oranges are but a few examples of the symbols you’ll find scattered across the board. Each symbol offers something different as far as scores are concerned. If you want to earn the most with every spin played then you should be looking for the lucky seven symbols. This symbol worth 1,000x your bet if you can find five in the same line.

Bonus Games/Bonus Features 

In Royal Seven XXL you aren’t given a lot to play with when it comes to bonus games and bonus features. Consider this your official disclaimer. To some, this could cause them to avoid this slot altogether. To us, this seems a little daft. Especially when you consider how much fun it is as an alternative to other slots you might be playing. There is beauty in its simplicity, we promise you! 

GAMBLE: The only bonus you will have access to is the gamble bonus. With every line win, punters are given the opportunity to gamble that line win in an attempt to double that win instantly! 

Of course, when one gambles they also run into the issue of losing it all at the same time. What you decide will depend entirely on how lucky you’re feeling at the time. And, the amount involved in the line win obviously. 

Hit or Miss? 

Royal Seven XXL is a blast from the past that you will want to play again and again. Preferably on a Sunday afternoon when all you want to do is chill. Yes, the game is very limited when it comes to bonuses and whatnot, but this is part of the slot’s charm. Think about it — back in the day classic Fruity’s never had any bonuses and look how popular they were! Trust us, this isn’t one you want to miss! 

Other Games by Bally Wulff 

Workhorse is the word we would use to describe the online casino slot developer Bally Wulff. They are a German company. As it stands, there are currently around 50 games in the Bally Wulff catalogue! Every game they create offers punters something different via gameplay or setting; honestly, once you’ve played one you want to play them all! 

Bally Wulff has the keys to the kingdom, it would seem since every slot they put-out are smash hits. If you read the about section of their site you’ll see firsthand what their mission is as a developer. Allow us to paraphrase a moment: “our goal is to offer unforgettable online slot experiences that take you places.” 

There are quite a few slots in the Bally Wulff catalogue. This means you have some decisions to make. If you played Royal Seven XXL and wanted to check out something else from these guys then we’d recommend any of the following titles: 
Ancient Magic
Dragon of the Princess
Night Wolves
And many, many more!
royal seven xxl

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