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How to beat casino slots: Cheats vs. Strategy

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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One problem that the gambling industry has had to contend with since pretty much the beginning of gambling is cheating. Humans just love to cheat, and this is especially true when there is a large sum of money on the table. Don’t believe us? Just consider the crazy extent of surveillance in casinos in the 21st century, something that has arisen out of the need to stop casino cheats as much as possible.

And that is the main thing to remember: cheating in the casino is an outrageous amount harder now than it was back in the day. Whilst cheating used to be a pretty firm bet in a casino, nowadays it is mostly impossible, especially on the slots. It is much better to have a good strategy, however some people still try and turn to the act of cheating. Read on for more casino slots free guide on cheats vs. strategy.

Strategy: Look for the best RTP 

21st century online slot gamblers have it much better than the slot machine enthusiasts of the 20th century for many reasons, however one of the biggest is that developers are now obliged to disclose the RTP of their games, and this is a great help for slot gamblers looking for a title to play on. RTP stands for Return To Player, and it is a percentage value that indicates the average amount a gambler will receive from his stake. 

In general the average RTP on the market is in the region of 96%, so it is a good idea to choose games that have a score above this. Beware though, some games, in particular progressive jackpot slots, will have a much lower RTP, but it is still more than worth playing them. 

Cheat: The coin on a string 

Back in the day there were countless little tricks that cheats would try and use in order to illegally secure a slot jackpot, and whilst many of them have been rendered impossible by technological advancements, it is still worth exploring them. One of the most popular tricks used by cheaters involved drilling a hole through a coin and then threading a piece of string through it. 

In doing so they were able to trick old slot machine coin feeder mechanism, and effectively keep spinning the reels indefinitely for free. Unfortunately for the cheaters out there this method doesn’t work anymore, as casinos updated the mechanism on their slot machines. 

Strategy: Practice bonus features in free mode 

These days the online slot industry is characterised by incredibly expansive and lucrative bonus features, with developers putting a huge amount of effort into making them as exciting as they possibly can. This is often the best place to secure a jackpot too, which leads us nicely onto a neat online slot strategy. 

Many modern 2020 online slots can be played in free mode, and many gamblers make use of this in order to learn the ins and outs of slot bonus features without having to spend any real money.
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