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Best Silicone Items You Can Wear Stress-Free

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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Are you thinking about buying silicone kitchen utensils but still have some questions? Today we will present you with some benefits of using silicone utensils, which will make your life easier and save you from stress!

Silicone Kitchen Utensils: What Are the Benefits?

Some benefits of silicone utensils when using in the kitchen:
  • They accumulate little dirt, making cleaning easier.
  • They are non-abrasive and will not damage other kitchen materials.
  • They do not remove the adhesion of Teflon pans (preventing the food from sticking to the surface).
  • They have high heat resistance. Still, it's important to check the product's instructions to know the maximum temperature it can withstand.

How to clean silicone kitchen utensils?

Cleaning is very simple and requires only water and detergent of your choice, which can be neutral or traditional from any brand you have in supermarkets.

Is it possible to have custom silicone molds?

The answer is yes! Nowadays, practically everything we buy can be customized, and silicone is no different!
There are many companies that manufacture custom silicone products, in addition to leaving your kitchen in your own way and style, the material of the item is a durable good, that is, it is a totally valid investment.

How to remove the yellowish appearance of the silicone kitchen utensil?

If the silicone is yellowed, it is very simple to clean it, make a paste of baking soda with water and apply it to the material. You can leave it on until it dries and then just rinse and wash normally.

How to remove grease from silicone kitchen utensil?

To remove the grease from the silicone, mix 3 tablespoons of neutral detergent with hot water in a bowl and let the utensil soak for up to 1 hour. Then, pass a dry multipurpose cloth, for the grease film to come out and rinse.

Kitchen utensils: stainless steel, silicone or bamboo, which one to choose?

We have separated some considerations to take into account before choosing your kitchen utensils:

1. Ease of cleaning
Stainless steel, silicone and bamboo utensils can be washed with mild soap or detergent and water. The only restriction for stainless steel is the sponge, as abrasive materials can scratch and damage the material. In this case, the use of soft sponges is recommended.
Although bamboo is antibacterial, silicone is one of the least dirty and smelly materials. Thus, at this moment silicone kitchen utensils are highlighted.

2. Ease of organization
Here, bamboo utensils have a downside. They need to be stored in a dry place to prevent mold growth.

3. Use and Restrictions
Stainless steel utensils can damage the Teflon coating of non-stick pans as they are not malleable, unlike silicone utensils which do not damage the material. Therefore, greater care is required when handling the utensil.

In conclusion, both silicone has a big advantage over other materials!

Besides kitchen items, do we have other silicone items?

Very common in past decades, silicone is a very versatile material, as it is even possible to make fashion accessories with it. In particular best silicone rings, there are many options on the market, and the great advantage of having a silicone accessory is comfort, durability and flexibility. Something that many materials on the market do not have, apart from the variety of colors and formats.

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