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All you need to know about shapewear

Monday, January 9, 2023

Winter and Christmas holidays have just ended and this means getting back to our everyday life. And that also means saying goodbye to life in pajamas, sweats and loungewear and getting back to wearing dresses, jeans and suits. 
And what to do if during the holiday period we have eaten a little bit too much and not worked out and we are not perfectly fit? If, for example, you see a little bit of belly or a few extra pounds have accumulated on the hips? 
The solution is simple: buy the right shapewear. 
And where to find it? I suggest you to look for specialized retailers such as Waistdear, where you can find quality wholesale shapewear at the best prices. 

What is shapewear? 

Shapewear are undergarments designed to mold or hold various parts of the body and that can both temporarily and permanently change our figure. 
Depending on the part of the body that we are insecure about there are many different kinds of shapewear available in the market. 

Waist trainers are right now the most popular. They are undergarments meant to “train” your figure into an hourglass shape and give you a sleeker, smaller waist. 
In other words, the are corsets with a modern twist.
Results can be seen immediately but also, wearing waist trainers every day can help training your waist into maintaining that shape. And for a stronger effect it is even better to go for a double belt waist trainer that with its two straps can guarantee higher compression and so reduce the waistline more easily. Also the double belts can be adjusted for flexible sizing and also to create different levels of compression.
On Waistdear you can find a huge variety of wholesale waist trainers with logo, even some very fashionable such as this leopard one I fell in love with! 
waist trainers

If you dream about having Kim Kardashian's body, butt lifters are the solution for you. 
They are shorts that can give your booty a boost, enhancing curves. 
The compression the shorts can also help using butt muscles more effectively thus doing a sort of training and also helps getting a better posture. 
butt lifters

And what are the best shapewear for tummy? An easy solution are full body shapers, that as the name suggests, are bodysuits designed to shape the whole body. Since they cover most critical body parts, they help dramatically slim your silhouette and mask the occasional problem areas (tummy, thighs, bottom...). 
I love them because they are seamless and perfect to wear under clothes without being noticed. 

Any shapewear you need Waistdear has the solution for you! Including shapewear dropshipping for retailers ,  which is a great flexibility opportunity for fashion entrepreneurs.