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Is theming in Slot Machines Online Important?

Friday, April 2, 2021

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Slot machines online… Who would have thought it? Seriously, it was only a matter of decades ago that the slot machine industry was expanding in earnest, yet already developers have managed to recreate these incredible gambling games using the online platform. In fact, online slots are without a doubt the main reason behind the success of the entire online casino industry – they are simply invaluable!

There are several huge reasons why the online slot industry has become so popular and successful over the last few years, and pretty much all of them relate back to the amazing work that slot developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming and Red Tiger have been putting in - visit the best slot sites today. Slot machine themes are one of the most important aspects of the modern industry, and if you read on we’re going to explain exactly why that is…

A history of slot machine themes

First things first, let’s take a look at the history behind slot machine themes, because as normalised as they are now, it’s not like slot machines have always existed at all. Indeed, when Charles D. Fey designed the Liberty Bell machine, widely regarded as being the first of its kind, there wasn’t really any thought about its “theme”. The earliest slot developers were simply happy to create mechanical slot machines that actually worked!

This did start to change soon after, however, and it’s all because of the fact that slot machine gambling was technically illegal in the early 20th century. In order to get around these rules developers would create slot machines that didn’t pay out money, only fruit sweets. The design of these slot machines would be focussed on fruit, of course, and this is actually where the concept of a “fruit machine” comes in. It can also be said to have started the slot machine theme trend!

Some reasons why theming in slot machines online is important

We bet you didn’t think that would be the history behind slot machine themes, did you? Regardless, ever since the first fruit machines slot machine themes have been incredibly important, and this is even truer regarding online slot machines. Here are a few reasons why theming in slot machines online is important:

· Uniqueness: In the modern slots industry there are quite literally thousands of different games that gamblers can choose from, and therefore slot machine themes are exceptionally important for providing a unique flavour to each game. Imagine going to an online casino these days and finding that every single game looks the same – it would be impossible to choose!

· Desirability: Another massive reason why theming in slot machines online is important is because it can dramatically increase the desirability of these games for gamblers. Take a colourful and exciting game like Starburst, for example, do you really think it would have so many fans without its theme and aesthetic?

· Bonus entertainment: Slot bonus features are an absolute staple in the modern online slots sphere, and themes are a great way for slot developers to make sure their bonus rounds are as exciting as possible.
theming in slot machines

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