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Is it hard to get a formal license for a Slots Website?

Friday, April 2, 2021

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Over the last century there have been countless new inventions across the spectrum of entertainment, telecommunications, health and food, however it truly is difficult to beat the slots industry in terms of pure technological evolution. You know what? The slots industry didn’t even exist until the last few years of the 19th century, which is pretty crazy when you consider how outrageously popular slot gambling is these days.

Indeed, more than a third of all global gambling revenue each year now comes from slots, which just demonstrates how incredibly popular these gambling games are. In fact, gambling analysts are forecasting wizard slots to be responsible for over a half of all gambling revenue pretty damn soon too! But have you ever wondered whether it is hard to get a formal license for a slots website? Keep reading to find out more.

Some of the top slot regulation authorities

For people that simply enjoy slot gambling, the idea of slot regulation authorities is probably something that doesn’t even come into their minds. But here’s the thing: without slot regulation authorities we would all be a lot more at risk, because these regulatory bodies are crucial for keeping criminals out of the business.

Here are a couple of the top slot regulation authorities:

· UK Gambling Commission: The UK Gambling Commission is probably the most famous slot regulatory body in the world, and was also one of the first such authorities to be established for online casino. The UK Gambling Commission oversees all online gambling that goes on in the UK, and it is also hugely influential elsewhere too.

· Malta Gaming Authority: Just like the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority was first set up in order to help police the emerging online casino and online slots markets, and since then it has become an important part of the global online casino market.

What do slots websites have to do in order to comply?

Right then, so that’s a bit of a background on some slot regulatory bodies, and it’s good idea to know about these, mainly because they are the main people that give slots websites different rules to comply by. But what do slots websites have to do in order to comply and get a formal license? Take a look at some of these things:

· Data protection: As with all websites after GDPR came into force, slots websites absolutely must be incredibly secure with customer data, otherwise they can ultimately be at risk of being shut down.

· Fair gambling: One of the main reasons why bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority were set up is to ensure fair gambling is being upheld across the board. You see, illegitimate online casino sites can tamper with things like RTP on slots, so you definitely want to be playing at a licensed slots website.

Is it hard to get a formal license for a Slots Website?

It’s not particularly hard to get a formal license for a slots website, however there are things you do have to make sure you comply with.
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