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How To Spot Casino Cheaters

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

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You are being watched constantly in today’s hi tech high surveillance society. When you are out you are constantly being caught on CCTV. When you make a card payment your details and location are logged and even your phone gives your whereabouts away. Even when you are online, tracking cookies follow you around and log the sites you visit. With all this in mind it comes as no surprise to discover that casinos employ the latest technology to spy on their customers. The aim of this is to weed out the casino cheats amongst the honest punters at www.666casino.com

Suspicious behavior can give a person away through their body language. If a customer is acting cagey around a table or a machine and constantly examining their surroundings, then chances are they are up to no good. This then attracts extra eyes to be fixed upon them constantly. With all this surveillance around, you would think it crazy to even try to cheat at a casino. With it being impossible to cheat an online casino the focus has always been on land-based ones and many have indeed pulled off some major scams. 

Richard Marcus 

Richard Marcus considers himself to be one of the best casino cheaters ever. This is possibly because he was never charged with any crimes against casinos. This is despite him spending the best part of 20 years visiting casinos in Las Vegas and cheating them out of millions of dollars, despite staff surveillance. His main scam, involved Roulette where he would tamper with the chips and raise the stake of the chip if he won, with sleight of hand and hidden chips he kept on his person. He also invented scams for Blackjack, Baccarat and poker. He was arrested many times but no evidence against him could ever stick and prosecutions never took place. The only action that has been taken is to ban him from all Nevada casinos. Marcus remains proud of his achievements and has even written a book about them. 

Dominic LoRiggo 

Rig by name and rig by nature, only this time the victim was the Craps table. Dominic LoRiggio was an expert at cheating on this popular dice game and he practiced his technique for years. He actually mastered the technique of the perfect dice throw, by calculating the grip, toss and force needed to control the dice. Calling him a Craps rigger is however a bit harsh as what he mastered is not exactly illegal. He is still allowed to gamble, but where he is known, he is asked to throw the dice differently. 

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo 

We have all heard of the RNG or Random Number Generator used by casinos to create random results. Well Mr Pelayo was not convinced that Roulette spins were random so he spent hours recording wheel spins. He placed all the data into a computer program to try and figure out a pattern. This led him to discover what numbers were the most profitable on Roulette wheels. His theory netted him over $2 million dollars.
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