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10 Rugs That'll Make Your Bedroom So Much Cozier

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Picking a rug is difficult. Finding a style (or pile) that fits your room can be challenging because there are so many options available. We've gathered some inspiration and places to buy rugs so you can see what the total effect would be in your bedroom before you make a decision. This will help you avoid the dreaded rug order-and-return issue. No more cold, hard floors!

1. Light and Airy

A patterned rug in various neutral colors will prevent a white room from feeling too bland, which is excellent for a light and open space. If you can include it with your throw pillow and blanket, all the better.

2. Shag

A shag rug is a great choice. In a bedroom, it's classic and, most importantly, comforting. To avoid feeling too outdated, try a patterned version. (And avoid the mustard and olive colors, for the love of all that is holy.)

3. Don't be afraid of out-of-the-box shapes

Rugs may soften the linear character of a bedroom in addition to adding an element of intrigue and layering to the space. Avoid the typical round, square, or rectangular carpets in favor of ones with an irregular shape if you want to give your room a distinctive touch. They can also assist in resolving issues in rooms with complex layouts.

4. Use a rug that implements your Scheme

One of the trickiest design elements to get properly is the color scheme for the bedroom. Additionally, the rugs. The rug should ideally coordinate with and enhance the rest of the color scheme.

5. Bold

If your bedroom is quite colorful, go all out and make a statement with the vibrant rug. Just pick neutral hues like black and white so it blends in with the rest of your decor.

6. Gentle and Patterned

A rug with a pattern in bright colors might add warmth to a more industrial-looking bedroom. While maintaining the cool factor, it gives the space a cozier sense.

7. Display it as Art

Why not hang one as wall decor in your bedroom? Some carpets are so beautiful that you want to consider them works of art. First of all, they serve as substantial works of art, saving you money on pricey paintings to decorate your space.

8. Use rugs to bring some fun into a child's bedroom

A flat-weave rug is frequently selected in a nursery because toys and furniture may easily glide across them, although it is not as soft as wool. It is a cleaner material that doesn't draw a lot of dust and dander because of the low pile count. A flat-weave rug makes cleanup much simpler in the event of a spill.

9. Apply it to a neutral room to add color

A vibrant rug can be the focal point of an otherwise mostly bland room. If the majority of the furniture is plain, don't be afraid to employ bold designs on them as well. The rug will provide visual interest to the bedroom, draw attention to it, and break up the monotony of the space's design.

10. Configure a typography rug that compliments yourself

In addition to using colors and patterns, typography may also be used in rug designs. Use these to showcase your personality, culture, and individuality. Make your guests feel at home by using typographic rugs in the guest bedroom that feature amiable quotations or sayings.

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