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Top 10 Most Iconic Fashion Trends Throughout History

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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Just as we tend to change from one year to another, our sense of fashion always changes with us. Sometimes the newest fashion trend is completely new and unknown, but in the past decade, we have started making some ‘old trends’ fashionable again. 
Some would say that this happens due to the nostalgia and our wish to go back to simpler times, while others would say that it happens only due to our tendency to appreciate beauty, whichever decade it comes from. 
Whichever of the two is correct, one thing is certain - bringing back trends from the past century is definitely one of the most fashionable moves you can make in 2019!
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With that being said, you would probably want to pay attention to some of the most iconic fashion trends that are still relevant today! So, without further ado, let’s get into our list of top ten trends that have definitely become timeless, no matter which decade they are from!

  • The Little Black Dress
There are few people in the world who do not appreciate the importance of the powerful piece of clothing that is the little black dress. Having one in the closet means that you are all set for just about any type of events. 
As introduced by Audrey Hepburn, the LBD can be personalized in countless ways! All you need to style the little black dress are a few pieces of statement jewelry, be it a pair of bold earrings or a shiny cocktail ring, and you’re good to go! The LBD is an iconic fashion trend that has become timeless, which definitely makes it a must-have!

  • Diamonds
Talking about timeless, there are seldom statements that are as true as “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, are there? You could ascribe this iconic trend to the queen of fashion - Elizabeth Taylor, but the truth is that diamonds have ruled the world of fashion and jewelry for much longer than that. 
Be it as it may, having a diamond statement piece is surely a must-have, and is a trend that won’t ever go out of fashion!

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  • The pencil skirt
If you were ever wondering which decade we can thank the pencil skirt for, it’s the ‘50s! This gorgeous skirt model was first introduced by Dior and has experienced instant success. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it flatters all body shapes and it also elongates legs. Additionally, if you are into sewing, the pencil skirt is quite simple to make. All you need is a sewing mannequin and some skill! No wonder this is yet another fashion no-brainer!

  • The punk-rock diva
This trend is much more than a single clothing piece, it is a lifestyle! If your inner punk-rock diva is trying to find her way out, consider buying some signature pieces of black or maroon leather clothing and styling it up with a band tee, some black bracelets, or a pair of chunky boots!

  • The leather jacket
Speaking of leather, the signature leather jacket is a given! While most people tend to connect the punk-rock era to the ‘90s, the leather jacket has been around for a lot longer than that! Having a leather jacket as a go-to piece in your closet makes dressing up for a night out with the girls that much easier. And if you combine it with your LBD, you’re all set!

  • Mom jeans
Sure, we refer to them as ‘mom jeans’ these days, but back in the late ‘80s, they were called, well, jeans! In the 2000s, they were mostly worn by middle-aged women, hence the term! Worn by our moms or by our teenage cousins, one thing is certain - these jeans have come to stay! They are super fashionable paired with just about any type of tops or T-shirts, so if you don’t have your pair yet, make sure to get it as soon as possible!

  • The miniskirt
This little gem originated in the ‘60s and has not stopped wowing the world ever since. What was first designed as a piece that captures the mischevious spirit of the decade, now lives on as a powerful statement piece that can be paired with just about anything. And just as it is the case with the pencil skirt, the miniskirt is one of the easiest pieces to sew! So there is no excuse for not owning at least one piece in your closet! So get your dress form mannequin and get sewing! 

  • The pantsuit
While wearing menswear became a hit in the ‘20s as an act of rebellion, the pantsuit still never fails to meet our expectations, does it? And if you have been following Blake Lively’s social feed in the past couple of years, you’ll agree that the pantsuit suits women almost better than it does men in the first place, right?

  • Hoop earrings
Growing up in the ‘90s, you almost couldn’t turn on the TV and see a fashionable woman wearing a pair of hoop earring, could you? Luckily for us, this is a trend that has experienced yet another wave of popularity in the past couple of years and it isn’t going away!

  • Oversized jackets
If you’ve been paying attention to millennial trends in the past couple of years, you know that wearing oversized clothing has been a hit! But the focus has definitely been on dressing up an outfit with an oversized jacket, so make sure to get yours soon!

While most trends come and go, these ten iconic trends don’t seem to be fading any time soon, do they? They are definitely must-haves that every woman should have in her closet, and the best thing about all of them is that they are so versatile that they can be combined with each other, or any other pieces that come to mind! Guess it’s about time you go shopping and get ready to release your inner diva!

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