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Wearing the right clothes to improve your exercise

Monday, March 20, 2023

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To improve your yoga level, you may need to be patient and practice regularly. Whether you are doing yoga in the studio or at home, it is recommended that you do the poses according to your level. And even though regularity and patience are the main keys, did you know that your exercise can also be improved through the yoga sets you wear?

Perhaps, many of you have never thought that yoga clothes have an essential role in every exercise you do. But the fact is, indeed, choosing the right yoga clothes is always recommended by yoga experts. Why? Because, in addition to preventing injury, the right activewear will affect your exercise progress.

Well, by now you may be wondering how yoga sets can actually help you improve your exercise. The explanations below will answer you. Please also check whether the yoga clothes you've been wearing are the right ones to improve your exercise!

1. Comfort


Yoga clothes can improve your exercise through their comfort. This may depend on several aspects, but mostly, comfort comes from the right design and materials. The yoga sets worth buying are the ones with a body-fitting design. Long sleeve tops and high waist leggings, sports bras and bike shorts or bandeau style yoga bras and leggings. The choice is yours.

It is important not to wear loose clothing as it will distract you from your focus. Just imagine when you're doing a headstand pose and your clothes are sagging over your head or exposing a bra that you shouldn't be showing! The right design will help you focus on getting each pose right and improving your practice.

The same goes for the material. Premium quality and breathable fabrics will support the comfort of your skin. The pores on the surface of the cloth will keep air circulation and cool your skin even though you are sweating. The more comfortable your yoga clothes are, the better your focus will be at executing the poses.

2. Supporting Features


Literally, yoga is not a high-impact exercise, but still, you need perfect support for your body while doing it. Your sports bra should be able to properly support your breasts and keep them in place even during intense poses. Selection of bra cups is essential in this case. You need to consider the size that best fits you, the thickness of the cups and the density of the fabric. Likewise the selection of high waist leggings or bike shorts. Choose a product that provides adequate compression that hugs your body firmly but remains flexible.

If you are not sure which product is the best, you can start by trying Cosmolle's activewear. This brand not only provides great support features. They even infused skincare in their activewear and bra collections. Cosmolle's collagen-infused fabric technology allows each product to provide skincare benefits to hydrate. And increase the elasticity of your skin when worn. Is there anything better than collagen-infused activewear?

3. Flexibility


The flexibility of the yoga clothes that you wear greatly affects the improvement of your practice. Yoga poses at an advanced level require high flexibility of both the body and what you wear. Hence, make sure you choose flexible activewear sets to support your practice. The flexible material not only adds comfort but can also follow the curves of your body when doing various poses. The flexibility also significantly reduces the risk of your clothes tearing when you are practicing. When you attend a yoga class, ripped clothes are definitely something you would never expect!

4. Confidence

Excessive sweating can mess up your confidence and make you uncomfortable doing activities. In fact, yoga itself is one exercise that makes you sweat a lot. To prevent this from hindering your practice, you need the support of sweat-wicking yoga clothes. Fabrics that absorb sweat well and dry quickly are the most ideal materials, and one example is nylon. Sweat-wicking and quick-drying materials are also more effective at preventing body odor and irritation on your skin even though you wear them all day long.

5. Sustainable Fabrics


When buying high waist leggings or sports bras, put sustainable products at the top of your list. Sustainable fashion is not only a hot trend all around us, but they are designed to be products that can be worn repeatedly for the long term, in other words, they are durable. So, if you want to improve your yoga practice by taking regular class schedules, it won't be a problem for you to put on your yoga clothes, wash them and repeat.

6. Boost your mood

After all, improving your exercise can only be done on your own accord. It's not easy to set aside the time and spark to get moving and practice, but, of course, your yoga sets can help!

Cosmolle shared their thoughts on why flattering design is essential for all of their products. The reason is, well-designed activewear can boost your mood. You will always be excited to wear it and start your exercise. A good mood will also increase your focus while doing yoga. Many women choose activewear with a flattering design to increase their enthusiasm for exercising, which is a great idea.

So, have you checked whether the yoga clothes you're currently wearing can improve your exercise? If they can't, it's time to buy a new one!

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