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Deposits for slots through Mobile

Saturday, August 1, 2020

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Most slot fans play their favourite slot games via their mobiles since all new slot titles are optimised for mobile play and most of us are never without our smartphones so playing slots is so accessible on the go. Plus, thanks to technology and online casinos coming up with new and easy ways to deposit your funds into your online betting account, you can play today even faster and more conveniently than ever before. 

Gone are the days when it’s a cumbersome affair to deposit money into your online betting account, with casinos working hard and fast to streamline the experience to make it as smooth as easy for players as possible to deposit their money and play. Many new online casinos are now also making it possible to deposit money into your online account via your phone bill.

Deposit for slots via your phone bill 

An extremely convenient way to deposit money is becoming increasingly more popular with both players and online casinos, depositing your money via your monthly mobile bill has been dubbed by many an innovative deposit method. 

The take-up on this new “thinking outside the box” payment method has had a huge take up with players as it means that there’s no need to mess around finding your card details or logging into your online banking like other more traditional payment methods, it’s far simpler and easier. Players can deposit amounts often between £3-£10 by selecting the option to pay via their phone bill and the amount is then credited to your account instantly. You’ll even get a text to your mobile to confirm that your amount has been successfully deposited! 

Leave your cards safe at home 

In a world that’s gone contactless and uses facial recognition or a scan of a fingerprint to buy pretty much everything, people are starting to simply leave their wallets at home and physical credit and debit cards for many people are a thing of the past. This payment method means you can leave your cards at home gathering dust, kept safe for emergencies and all you’ll need is your mobile phone.

A great way to keep track of your spending 

Because players get a text confirmation each time they make a deposit, you will have a handy record of your spending instantly so you know how much you’re spending as well as a reminder on your phone bill each month. Many players find this a helpful way to budget their slot play.

Many deposits via your mobile are capped, however, so they may not be suitable for all players. Most are limited to £30 per day, so if this isn’t in line with your budget, another payment method may be more convenient!

A safe and secure way to pay

There are many benefits to this payment method and players mainly choose this option because it’s safe and secure as well as instant and extremely convenient. Depositing funds via your mobile phone is just as safe and secure as any other payment methods as they use the same encryption method as they do for traditional payment methods, so you can relax and enjoy playing safe in the knowledge your transactions, money and details are absolutely secure.

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